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Greg May is a dynamic new voice seeking to make disciples of Jesus Christ! His laugh-out-loud book pushes tension out the door and opens it wide for forgiveness and healing. Greg is a brilliant artist creating unique word pictures. He's also bold, not holding back for sensitive “religious” ears, and often stepping on his own toes. And he is profound, scoring high on hitting the bull’s-eye on spiritual matters. – Anne Chancey Dalton, author of Jeremiah A. Denton, Jr: Vietnam War Hero.

Greg May has had a special place in my life ever since he was my childhood youth minister. His commitment to making disciples of Jesus Christ is lived out everyday. I am delighted to have Greg's devotional book as a part of my life. These pages are filled with fatherly advice, homespun wisdom, hilarious stories, heart-felt admonishment, and reassuring encouragement. Starting your day with Holy Scripture, bold coffee, and Crewed Awakening will jolt you awake to a new life in Christ. Dr. Geoffrey Lentz, First United Methodist Church, Pensacola, FL
We contemplate, we muse, and we ponder. We struggle and sometimes kneel, frustrated before a mighty God because we feel ashamed. Disgraced by internal thoughts and prayers. Thinking God can’t handle an attitude that resembles something less than perfect. Thinking we just can’t pull off the “put together” air of the Sunday morning church pew; we pull away. As humans we isolate from our Creator because we think He doesn’t understand us.
Greg May’s Crewed Awakening is a refreshing invitation back to reality. It invites us to return to our Savior’s feet, and it teaches us to be genuine in front of a God who truly already knows us completely. Insightful. Poignant. Reflective. Authentic. I always come away from this devotional feeling as I should feel—like a real-life human, in the hands of a very gracious God. – Leah Taylor, Worship Leader, Coastline Calvary Chapel, Gulf Breeze, FL

Greg May's writing is delightfully irreverent and truthfully trashy. It's a beautiful blue collar view that always makes heavy weight topics seem digestible without ever losing the gritty truth of what we need to wrestle with as Christ followers. -- Lee Baker, Worship Arts Pastor Northstar Church, Panama City , FL

You will enjoy meeting Greg May and his beloved "crew": wife, Hannah and their three sons in
Crewed Awakening. Greg loves life, people and God. But what makes Greg May special is that he is a great storyteller. He can take everyday things in life and lift them up as wonderful insights into his
large, humorous soul. He invites you to join him on his US Postal route and meet the "crazies" and the dogs he failed to dodge. He takes you for rides in his truck with his boys and his pet dog, Louie. He will tell you fish tales, baseball stories and why he loves "Westerns". You will read of his love for old people on his route and for the starving teen who walked into his church youth meeting from off the street.
Greg is not afraid of being transparent in revealing his faults and failings, for he sees God's loving
kindness in the mundane places of life where we all live. Pretty soon, you'll be hooked on his fishing
line for God.
Crewed Awakening  is real. I know. I knew Greg before he had time to sit at a computer. -- Linda Smith, former youth director and fan of Greg May
When working in youth ministry, one is constantly scouring for new youth devotionals and materials.
We want anything that brings truth, is relevant and captures their attention. Believe me, it’s no easy
task. I had been looking for weeks for a new Summer Discipleship program for our young men. However, when the day we were to start rolled around, I still had no material. Desperate, I printed a couple copies from a devotion that Greg used in his blog earlier that day, and passed them out. I don’t even know what I was expecting……but they got it. I was floored. The devotion was on a
complicated truth, but the simplicity of the explanation, combined with Greg’s life story did the trick. I think this is the greatest compliment I could give. Don't get me wrong, I'm 32 and I constantly get
something out of what God puts on his heart. Yet, when you can write where adults are touched
and middle school boys can understand, then you have something truly special. – Erin McClellan, Youth Director Pine Forest UMC 

Crewed Awakening, is the fruit of a man who spends time with the Lord. He captures everyman's life experience. Greg May is able to fashion into words the struggles, joys and pain of just plain living. His honesty makes you identify with him and each devotional becomes your experience and awakening, and even your answer from God. Sometimes, the answer is a startling awakening that makes you know just how real God is and how much He loves and cares for you. Greg is able to be human and at the same time to lift you to new levels of spiritual awareness.                                            I have known Greg May for about twenty years as his pastor, watched him become a committed Christian, a disciple and then a disciple-maker. He became a part of our ministry team and served as youth pastor. He was and is a wonderful friend. I had the privilege of watching him become a godly man and husband.                                     
Crewed Awakening, comes out of this well of experience. Greg is like an artesian well that flows daily with life giving fresh water for the thirsty. You will read and re-read this devotional guide--for it truly is a guide. -- Perry M. Dalton, retired United Methodist Pastor.


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