Thursday, February 13, 2014

What My Mom Never Said

First, a little fun. Some things she did say: "Don't cross your eyes, they'll get stuck like that! How would you like me to knock you into the middle of next week?" (Could have advantages, knowing the future). She didn't really say those. Here's some she did say: "Who do you think you are? (I thought we knew that one). Stop licking your sister's face!" And the one all moms say: "Put on clean underwear, you may be in an accident."

I've been thinking about my Mom quite a bit lately. It would be hard to prove it by the way I forgot to call her the other day (her birthday). Smooth move Greg! Anyway, I called today and wished her Happy Birthday. I groveled and she was gracious not to rake me over the coals. Instead, she was genuinely happy I called, late or not.

So, where does a heart of unconditional love like that come from anyway? Well that's a no-brainer! The woman is a gift from God! How does she maintain that level of love is the question.

I have spent most of my single life pursuing what I wanted without concern for anyone else's welfare. Then, in my married lifetime, I still tried to figure out how to get my way as much as possible. Lately God has been working on me to think of others first. Maybe that's where I started thinking about Mom and what she didn't say.

I always knew my Mom wanted the best for her family (my dad, my sister and me). She would work long and hard at her job and then take care of us at home. To this day she has the spirit of a loving caretaker and servant. She serves in several capacities at her church. Right now she is patiently "nursing" Dad back to health after shoulder surgery. Then there was my teen years, when my dad was working out of town for long periods of time. I probably should have been kicked out for being such an ass, instead she persevered and brought me through.

The Word says to bring a child up in the way he should go and WHEN HE IS OLD he will not depart from it. Well Mom, I am just a little older and am now seeing your example of putting others ahead of yourself. Thanks, I love you!

Oh yeah, what my Mom never said. I NEVER heard her say: "What about me?"

Proverbs 22:6

Happy Birthday Mom!

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Anne Chancey Dalton said...

Excellent! It's hard to not ask, "What about me?" but it's even harder not to think it. What a great goal to pursue!