Monday, December 2, 2013

Hoarding Jesus?

Decades ago, before the "reality" TV show HOARDERS was the cultural phenomenon it is today, I ran across my first Hoarder. I'm not talking about someone's house that is just cluttered with dirty clothes here and there or a few of last nights dishes in the sink. Nor am I talking about a garage packed with yesteryear's goodies that "we might need someday". I'm not even talking about a house with a "blue room". That's what Hannah and I called the spare bedroom in one of our houses, where we threw what we wanted to keep but not use at the time.

Nope, this guy was the real deal. In fact, he used to be a neighbor because we lived on this same street only a few years prior. I remember that he was quiet and kept to himself in the neighborhood, yet I also knew he was a teacher in a local school. Being a teacher can carry a certain amount of influence on others.

On this particular day I was delivering some mail to his house that required his signature for delivery.
As I walked up on the porch I could see that the front door was completely open. I knocked on the open door. As I waited, I could see that the inside of the house was covered wall to wall with garbage. Not junk, GARBAGE! It smelled and looked awful! He kept everything!

I have been wondering lately if there are times that I am a Hoarder of Jesus. I mean by that; do I keep Him to myself, piled up in my own heart? I certainly don't mean that having Jesus in us stinks. Yet, if we're not sharing Him, that stinks, and we are just Hoarders of the best thing we can share with others.

Let me say it this way. If we don't open the doors to show and share Who is inside of our heart, then as far as others are concerned, we may as well be full of garbage! Who's going to know He's in our lives if we don't open the door to let them see in? Who else will benefit eternally from our relationship to Jesus if do not open the windows to our souls and let the Holy Spirit blow through our lives?

Got Jesus? That's wonderful!

Sharing Him or Hoarding Him? Just asking.

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john whiteaker said...

Really was good and right on point and I have to say it made me stop and think, I found myself Guilty, Thank You for posting this,
don't want to be a Jesus hoarder.

Thanks again