Saturday, October 19, 2013

Routine Busters

I get comfortable in my routine. Each day I go to work I anticipate a certain consistency. I case up the mail  in order of delivery. Then I load it in the delivery truck in a particular order and deliver it along the same route everyday. I'm OK with that. In fact there is a certain peace and comfort to the routine of it all, knowing what to expect, no surprises.

Except, there is often something that breaks my routine. Sometimes it's a little thing like leaving late with more mail than usual. This throws my timing off for breaks, lunch and a potty stops. These are small inconveniences.

Other days it's someone parking in front of their mailbox, so that I can't just pull up in my vehicle and drop their mail in and pull away. This causes me to have to stop, turn the truck off, get out and walk to their mailbox to make the delivery. This is a moderate aggravation.

There are other small and moderate "routine busters" such as parents letting their small children run out in front of the mailbox to meet the postman and bring the mail back to them. And of the course there are those who let their "he won't bite" dogs out.

Then there's the big obstacles, like road construction. These guys may block mailboxes for blocks or even pull them up to do their work. This is a major "routine buster"! Depending on how big of a project this is, I could have get out and walk through their work area to deliver to people. It can cause time consuming detours. I may even have to re-adjust the route's line of travel temporarily. Major aggravation!

I feel like God does this to my routine quite often. I'm just cruising along with everything clicking smoothly as I go through life. Then an inconvenience, aggravation or obstacle pops up and I have to come out of my "comfort coma" and decide how to proceed.

In the Kingdom, "routine busters" may inconvenience us and be aggravating. They may even be large obstacles to overcome, but they will most certainly grow us.

For me, these road blocks in life continue to teach me to trust God more and more. I admit to wanting to take control of these kinds of situations in life and just fix things myself. But it's the times that I ask God and trust His answer that things work out for the best. When I just charge ahead through the road block I usually drive right into a hole!

Some times the detour is the best choice. Other times, we may have to push through the road block. And then there will be times when we need to just stop our truck (life, agenda) and help fix the road. Stop. Ask Him. Trust Him. Obey Him.

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Luke Guy said...

I like this post. I really needed it because I like routine, but it's very dangerous sometimes. Very dangerous, because we can get caught up in religion and everything is a to-do-list. But with God, He throws in the monkey wrench to make it more interesting. It does it to wake us up, because many times, we can be robots