Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Under Construction

As a young man I worked quite a bit in construction. My Dad was a Construction Superintendent, the boss on site over the entire project. I worked for him some and on other building projects as well, but always at large construction sites such as schools, hospitals, high rises and the like.

I sometimes did some iron work or general labor, but for the most part I did carpentry work. Most of the carpentry I was doing had to do with building forms for concrete pours, and some layout for and installation of things like doors, windows, cabinets and miscellaneous other task. I did not do plumbing, electrical, A/C, heating and other jobs that required talents other than what I possessed.

The superintendent had the blueprints (detailed drawings) for the entire project. His blueprints showed the "big picture," specifically how to complete the entire building. There were also prints specific to each crafts job on the site. For instance, there were electrical prints showing where and how to run and hook up the wiring; plumbing prints to show where to run pipe and hook up water lines and prints showing where to run A/C ducts, etc. Although he would have a complete set of the blueprints, the boss would only give me prints that showed me where and how to do my task. I didn't need to know what, how or why the electricians, plumbers and A/C guys were going to do their job.

Essentially, the boss had the big picture view of things and how they were to progress. He had to work out who would do what, when, where how  and why so that the job could be completed correctly and on time. So the boss gave out task to each craft based on his knowledge of the big picture. I, nor the other crafts, needed to know the "why" of every task, we only needed the page of the blueprints that showed us what to do next.

Had I meddled in the other crafts work or been so concerned about the "how, when, where, and why" of their task, the building could have been completed late or even incorrectly constructed. This would result in the building not being as useful as originally intended.

As believers we are to help in building others up in the Kingdom. I know myself, that I have often wondered: "Why God? Why me? Why now? Why this way? What about so and so doing this task? That's not an important job God, give that one to someone else, put me out front! What is this going to accomplish? Where is this going? What's going to be the result here? I don't think that guy is doing what he's supposed to do, I'll fix it!

When my attitude is like that of someone not wanting to follow God's "blueprint" because I can't see the "big picture," then I'm hindering the building up of someone in the Kingdom. I could quit the job, or maybe get fired from that project and replaced by someone who will follow the blueprint the Boss gives him, trusting that He sees the big picture. Or I could just build according to the prints He gives me.

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